About Us

Who are we?

25 years of passion for design, love of fashion and dedication the world of textile and graphic. Numerous projects and other many encounters between people who shared the same interest. There was a meeting in which Cristina Aranda and Gloria Jover got both human and professionally in one of the most emblematic companies of international Spanish fashion.

Cristina, attending the artistic and graphic aspect and Gloria, cool hunter, as an active member of recognized consultations of decision of trends, fashion, decoration and textile designer.


What do we do?

After collaborating with various leading industries of textile and fashion, we decided to combine our knowledge and create an online service for the purchase of exlcusive prints. The objective is to offer efficient, creative designs coupled with commitment to reliability, experience and sensitivity by the latest trends.

Creation is no longer temporary it has becomed continuous, and there lies our collaboration space with any company that requires original designs at any time.

In the same way, we want to settle as an exit platform to the creativity of illustrators, artists, illustrators, graphic designers and printing, selecting your best and most adaptable designs.


Why us? 

If you want to access a platform that offers nonstop exclusive and original drawings, without being subject to seasons.

If you want to access a selection of specialized information on the latest trends in fashion, result of the participation in the most important international consultations of decision concepts, colors and designs.

If you want to have a wide variety of proposals by creatives and young experts in design proposals.

If you prefer owning your own timing in the purchase of drawings of stamping.

If you are out of the loop or dislocated from the textile supply.

If you want to know alternative proposals from independent creatives.