1. Aline Schütz

    Aline Schütz is a Swiss textile designer. Initially trained as a dressmaker, she worked as a teacher for several years before coming back to design.

    Aline is a designer who is very attentive to her environment and she likes to mix different sources of inspiration. She loves color and texture. Print design gives her the opportunity to play with a large palette of technics.

  2. Angelo Artimus

    Designer surface, fashion designer and artist passionate about all forms of art, I am a curious by nature. My main sources of inspiration are the artistic movements and the nature. Currently working as a freelancer developing prints for national and international companies with a focus on global trends.

  3. Azahara Villegas Mendez

    Azahara Villegas Mendez, 09 diciembre de 1992.

    I studied a Higher Cycle Textile Graphic Design in Barcelona, where I found my passion creating my own prints.

    In which I learned a lot and I am still learning more every day.

  4. Eleny V. Eksterman

    Eleny draws inspiration from most different sources. Always bearing her signature Brazilian style, she playfully mixes diverse influences such as Emille Gallet glass vases with indigenous motifs, vintage Brazilian fabrics with Latin Music album covers, antique laces with exotic tropical florals.

     Eleny likes to use different types of media for the conception and production of her designs. Initially working from original sketches, she then adds different techniques such as painting, paper cut-outs, free stitching, photography and digital media to their final creation

    Applying her designs on different surfaces, Eleny is always open to delve deeper into new designs concepts and innovative use of materials

  5. Jyotsna Warikoo

    Jyotsna Warikoo is a textile and surface pattern designer based in Seattle, Washington. Her design studio “Jyotsna Warikoo Designs” focuses on creating unique and contemporary art for various industries including textiles, paper and accessories. She blends her love for modern art and aesthetics with beauty of folk design….modern meets folk, trendy meets beautiful.

  6. Pattern Synthesis

    Pattern Synthesis is a surface pattern design studio based in Birmingham, UK. It specialises in surface design for soft furnishings, stationery and apparel. 

    Pattern Synthesis employs a range of processes for conceptualising and producing original surface pattern designs including hand-drawing and painting, photography, digital sketching and editing, as well as mosaics.

    Caroline Moraes founded Pattern Synthesis in November 2015. She has a BA in Social Communication, with a Major in Advertising. After a long career detour she decided to embrace the artistic side of her training, which is where her heart is. 

  7. Rocio Sancho

    I like to work through experimentation, until I come upon a powerful visual idea that I later develop, shape and give colour to. This is the process I apply to each of my designs, and so the final results can be as diverse as my own inspiration.

    I enjoy working by hand, with the help of both digital and analogue devices. I use a wide array of tools, such as acrylic paint, watercolour paint, pencil, oil and even scanned or photographed images of objects.

    I’m an architect and graphic designer specialised in pattern design. Currently I own a pattern design studio based in Madrid.
  8. Sabina Alcaraz

    My name is Sabina Alcaraz. 
    I love creativity. 
    I work as a freelance graphic design projects and illustration. I design patterns. 
    I enjoy drawing and painting and I feel great when work is applied to products and textiles that are used every day.
    I like social networks, always share projects and the work process.
    You can follow me on my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.
  9. Studio Lewkow

    Florencia López Lewkow. Born in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia - Argentina (1985).

    Make superior image technician in Malaga, Spain. Started as a photographer and later specialized in advertising and PR at the University of Málaga. Self-taught ventures into the world of graphic design, illustration, editorial design, fabrics and unique prints. Performing various personal projects and collaborations. Combines in his works fusing animal photography and textures with digital, to create works that convey the viewer intense personal feelings and sequelae in the retina.The high contrast, vivid colors, axial symmetry, fractals surrealistic elements generate full personality structures.


    We are a group of designers working in an horizontal structure with the relentless pursuit of beauty as common leitmotif, we apply this philosophy in a multidisciplinary way over the different fields related to aesthetics.